Whether you want an essay written for a scholarship or admission to a university, it needs to be professional, informative and genuine. As concluded by professional experts on Ninjaessays who share their writing wisdom on their website, every essay needs to be unique and deliver the right message in order to stand out. There are numerous ways you can stand out with your essay, but we are suggesting top 3 ways that are going to guaranteed to deliver the right message, in the right way – your own way.

  • Choose Your Perspective

Whatever the topic of your essay may be, make sure to narrow down your focus. Choose either a perspective you’re going to write from as opposed to writing a general overview on the given topic. Choose one of the two, but don’t try to achieve both. Either be really specificor make the essay an overview of the topic. That way you won’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.

  • Define Your Thesis Statement

Once you have chosen your topic and point of view, you need to define your thesis statement. What is the essence of your essay? What message are you trying to deliver? Your thesis statement will consist of two parts. The first part of the statement will state what the topic is and the second part of this sentence is going to be include the point of your essays. The scheme looks something like these:


  • Check the Details

Once you’ve made the above mentioned two crucial decisions, you’re free to write your essay. If you’ve written an essay before, or done the slightest research on how it’s supposed to be structured, you’ll know that it consists of the introductions, the body and the conclusion. Nevertheless, even when that’s done, you’re still not finished. Check your instructions and make sure you’ve satisfied all the requirements. Double check your paragraphs and make sure the order is right and that the reading of the essay flows smoothly. Re-read it, add special touches to it to make it sound exceptional, and thought provoking if necessary.

Every good essay writer lives by these three important steps. Next time you need to write an essay, make these three elements your guideline and you’ll see a great improvement in the quality of your essay.